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Paintings & Coatings

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Our 56,000sf paint facility features:
•  37’ x 64’ x 16’ Blast Booth
•  36’ x 60’ x 18’ Paint Booth
•  PLUS! Booth #2=16’x50’x14’
•  PLUS! Booth #3=23’x14’x9’
•  100 HP Compressed Air System
•  48,000 CFM Dust Collector
•  Two 10 cubic foot Steel Grit Media Reclaiming Blast Pots

Whether you’re looking for applied fireproofing or the application or removal of industrial coatings and linings, we have an extremely experienced workforce in place to finish the job to your exact standards. We offer Intumescent & Cementitious Fireproofing, Abrasive Blasting, Industrial Coatings & Linings, and Painting. View some of our recent projects below!

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Semstone 145 AFC (Aggregate Filled Coating) Project
100% solids, high performance, novolac epoxy lining system designed for concrete. It is a semi-leveling coating and may be applied as an aggregate filled and/or reinforced coating system. Specially formulated to withstand some of the industry’s most aggressive chemicals, including 98% sulfuric acid, as well as many organic chemicals and solvents.

AFC Coating

Intumescent Fireproofing Project
– Vessels and Structural Steel
– Sherwin Williams Firetex product
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Intumescent Fireproofing Demo
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Epoxy Floor
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Pipe, Vessels, Exchangers, Specialty Items
Coatings: Epoxy’s, Polyurethane’s, Acrylics, Heat Resistant Coatings
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