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When it comes to contract execution at I-Star Energy Solutions, safety is a Core Value. We strive to complete every task, and ultimately every project, with zero accidents. Safety is what gets employees home at the end of a long day.  And Safety being a Core Value is what makes I-Star Energy Solutions and other Irex companies the top choice in the construction industry.

Every I-Star Energy Solutions manager takes full responsibility for the safety performance and well-being of every person in his or her operation. Additionally, all supervisors take responsibility for the safety performance and safety of the people who report to them, and each member in the field or in the office takes responsibility for his or her own personal safety performance.  Assisting these individuals are field safety managers in individual Irex Contracting Group companies, as well as a full-time Irex staff of safety and risk management professionals.

In 2013, I-Star Energy Solutions achieved an OSHA recordable incident rate of 0. Its lost time incident rate was 0, and it’s current EMR is 0.55. As a reference, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) current Injury, Illness and Fatality Data reports a recordable incident rate of 3.9 and a lost time incident rate of 1.5 for specialty trade contractors.